Woman delivers baby at busy road in Greater Noida, two nurses come to help

Woman delivers baby at busy road in Greater Noida, two nurses come to help

Two trained nurses who were on their way to work stopped midway to attend an emergency by helping a 33-year-old woman deliver her baby at a busy road intersection in Greater Noida.

The incident took place on Tuesday at Pari Chowk in Greater Noida when Prashant Sharma, who works in a private company, was pleading for help for his wife Roshni Sharma, who was undergoing labour pain.

Noticing his cry for help, nurses Jyoti and Renu Devi, who work at nearby Sharda Hospital, tended to the emergency and with their help the woman delivered a baby girl along the road at the busy Pari Chowk.

Nurse Devi said she was going for duty from Kasna.

As soon as she got out of the auto at Pari Chowk, she saw the woman lying on the road, and her husband was pleading for help from the people. “As soon as I reached there, the woman was suffering from labour pain. I called my fellow nurse Jyoti, she was also leaving for duty and she also came soon. We told people that we nurses are from Sharda Hospital. First, we covered the woman with her shawl with the help of a woman, after that, we both got the woman given a normal delivery,” Renu said.

“After the delivery, we wrapped the child in his jacket and booked an auto and started going to the hospital. The woman in the auto started feeling pain due to shock but we woke her up and got her admitted to the hospital,” she added.

Dr. Ruchi Srivastava, Senior Consultant, Gynecology Department, Sharda Hospital said the nurses called the hospital after delivery.

“As soon as they brought the woman and the child, we immediately started the treatment. The weight of the child is about 2.50 kg. This is the woman’s second child and now both are healthy,” she said.

“The woman was undergoing treatment in a hospital in Kasna but she said that she was having a caesarean child. From there she went to her home in Luksar.

In the morning, she started having a labour pain and as soon as she reached Pari Chowk, she fell on the road. We are thankful that they were brought to the hospital timely,” Dr. Srivastava said. Sharda Hospital spokesperson Ajit Kumar said the woman and the child are undergoing treatment and their medication is going free in the hospital and soon both will be discharged.

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