With no relatives in Delhi, cops perform last rites of woman

new delhi: Apart from being old, she was poor too. When she died early morning on Monday, her 66-year-old husband had no option but to turn to local police station for help.

Jaspal told the station house officer of Jaitpur that he was not having money to even carry out the last rites of his 62-year-old wife.

Neither he had relatives in Delhi to arrange for the funeral. The SHO soon called four of his constables Rahul, Ravikant, Parveen and Sunil. They were immediately sent for help.

"When we reached there we found the 26-year-old son of the deceased in mentally unstable state. We also helped the husband in performing the rituals," Rahul said.

When everything was ready they took the bier to the funeral site at Molarband cremation ground from the residence of the deceased.

Since,the lockdown was into effect and the relatives of the family were not in Delhi, the constables themselves took the bier on their shoulders to the cremation ground.

"They all accompany with Jaspal Singh to his residence and make all the arrangements and get the cremation of deceased lady as per rituals done. Team of Jaitpur performed a good role in the line of duty in amid of Lockdown," said DCP South East RP Meena.

Then the last rites were performed and the

policemen returned to the police station but not before providing ration to the family as there was little to eat for the poor family.

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