WCD minister Atishi inspects kitchen that services anganwadis

WCD minister Atishi inspects kitchen that services anganwadis

Delhi Women and Child Development minister Atishi on Monday inspected a centralised kitchen that services anganwadis in South Delhi, and tasted the food prepared there to ascertain its quality.

The centralised kitchens for anganwadis are providing nutritious meals to more than eight lakh women and children daily in Delhi, a government statement said.

During the inspection, Atishi examined the quality of grains and other ingredients used in cooking at the anganwadi kitchen in Tigri, Delhi.

“The government is operating 11 centralised kitchens, delivering cooked food and ‘Take-Home Rations’ to eight lakh children and women across Delhi daily,” Atishi said.

“Through these kitchens, they are working to provide better nutrition to children aged six months to three years, pregnant women, and lactating mothers in anganwadis. These centralised kitchens play a vital role in this endeavor,” she said.

According to the statement, the kitchen in Tigri is equipped with modern machinery. The kitchen is divided into three parts: one used for grain storage, the second has a fully automatic machine that cleans grains and packages ‘Take-Home Ration’ without any human involvement, and the third and final part where the cooking takes place, it said.

Large mechanised containers are used in the third part, which is used to prepare and pack food according to the daily menu, which is then delivered to 775 anganwadis in the south Delhi district, it added.

Delhi’s Women and Child Development Minister Atishi the government provides free nutritious meals to over 42,000 children and pregnant women in 775 anganwadis in South Delhi through the kitchen.

Additionally, the kitchen prepares ‘Take-Home Ration’ for more than 20,000 children between the ages of three months and three years and 8,000 women in South Delhi, the minister said. Packed panjiri and khichdi premixes are included for children and pregnant and lactating mothers, respectively, she added.

Besides nutritious food for children and women, the objective of the initiative is to ensure their strong foundation and proper physical and mental development during crucial years, Atishi said.

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