Wards see relief but critical care burdened

Wards see relief but critical care burdened

New Delhi: Hospitals in Delhi have seen a minor downfall in the number of Covid-19 patients getting admitted under mild to moderate category, but have said that the situation among critical patients remains the same.

Speaking to Millennium Post, Dr. Ashish Chaudhary, Managing Director at Aakash Healthcare said, "The cases have started coming down, but the kind of critical patients that were coming in hasn't changed much. The number of patients who required ventilators is still the same. One of the reasons for the downfall among mild to moderate cases could be that lots of people are doing healthcare at home itself. But the total number has dropped. I would say about10 to 15 per cent drop is there." He also said that the requirement of oxygen is more or less the same.

Dr. Shuchin Bajaj, Founder and Director at Ujala Cygnus Hospital also said that even though cases have gone down, the ICU situation remains the same. "There has been a drop in the number of cases, but the ICU situation is still tensed. In other wards the beds are almost empty. We are expecting a third wave, but the main concern for us is that if this wave comes it does affect the children as much like it did under this surge. Because if children get affected the way they were doing this time, things won't be great as we do not have the infrastructure to handle that," he further said.

Dr. Chaudhary meanwhile emphasised that the testing in no way should come down. "We should be prepared for any kind of surge, for which testing should keep happening at large numbers so that we are aware how the situation will mold accordingly," he said.

At other major hospitals like GTB and LNJP there is improvement as cases have started going down. The hospitals, which a few days back had no space in the emergency ward witnessed empty beds. "The mild and moderate cases have almost stopped coming and we are assuming it is because people have started arranging oxygen cylinders and concentrators.

However, the critical patients are in the same condition. The managing, although, is a little better as there is not the chaos in emergency wards with patients coming every two minutes," a doctor associated with LNJP said.

Many doctors also said that the facilities started by the Delhi government should not shut down even if the cases start going down. "The make shift facilities should not in any case be stopped as it is important we are well prepared for the situation," Dr. Bajaj said.

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