Vaccine doses given: Women outnumber men in Bengal

Kolkata: As per the Health department record till Friday night, the Women outnumbered men when it comes to receiving Covid jab in Bengal. Around 4.53 core women were vaccinated till Friday night while the number of men receiving the vaccine remained at 4.52 crore. Women are more particular in taking the second dose on time compared to men, said a health official.

Out of the total 10 crore population in Bengal, around 9.12 crore people have already received at least a single jab.

According to health department figures, 6,28,02,071 first doses have been administered across the state so far while around 2,84,92,810 second doses have also been applied.

On Saturday, the state managed to administer around 5,23,841 doses.

Due to relentless campaigns carried out by the health department to alert people in the districts, the number of overdue vaccination cases also dropped. ASHA workers have been deployed in the districts to carry out a survey and identify those who are yet to receive the second jab after the due date is over.

Till Friday, the second dose of Covaxine is due in the case of 2,43,531 people while around 24,95,984 people have received their first Covishield dose but yet to receive their second jab. In such cases their due dates are not over.

Around 5,16,381 overdue Covaxine cases have been reported so far till Friday and 13,87,711 Covishield overdue cases.

The total overdue cases would be around 19,04,092.

"We are decreasing the overdue vaccination cases compared to the earlier figures. The number is going down with each passing week. We are hopeful to complete first dose vaccination within the next two weeks. We have around 10 crore population out of which around 7 crore people are above the age of 18," said Director of Health Services Dr Ajay Chakraborty.

The State Health department has asked all the civic bodies to undertake massive awareness drives, put up banners and festoons at various locations to make people aware how important it is to complete double dose vaccination.

Incidentally, around 5,990 common vaccination centers were operational in the state on Saturday and 5,687 AEFI cases have been reported in the state so far.

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