Two arrested for electrician’s murder

New Delhi: Two men were arrested for allegedly killing a 19-year-old electrician in outer Delhi’s Alipur over a monetary dispute, police said on Sunday.

The accused have been identified as Shiva Bhardwaj and Sofiyan, they said.

Police on Saturday received information that a man named Bunty, who had slept at the Suryadev Rajwara Farms on the GT Karnal Road during the night, was not responding, they said.

The body of Bunty, a resident of Bulandshahar in Uttar Pradesh, was found on a sofa, Deputy Commissioner of Police (outer north) Ravi Kumar Singh had said. No injuries were seen on the body but the victim’s mobile phone was found missing from the spot, he said. During the enquiry, it was revealed that Bunty had come to the venue after taking his dinner at about 9:30 pm, a senior police officer said.

Using technical surveillance, manual information and scanning footage from more than 20 CCTV cameras, the suspects were identified, the DCP said.

The police team managed to zero in on one suspect, Bhardwaj, who belongs to the victim’s village, he said. During interrogation, Bhardwaj disclosed that he, along with his friend Sofiyan, from Meerut, had murdered Bunty, he said. Subsequently, another raid was conducted at midnight at Meerut and Sofiyan was nabbed, the DCP said.

Bhardwaj further told police that he had stolen Bunty’s ATM card a month ago and withdrew money from it. When the victim came to know about it, he asked for his money back and threatened of telling people from their native village about the incident, he added.

Following this, Bhardwaj conspired to eliminate Bunty with the help of Sofiyan, whom he met a few months back, he said. On Friday, the duo travelled to Alipur, entered the farmhouse from the backside by scaling the wall and smothered Bunty to death in his sleep, DCP Singh said.

They then took the victim’s mobile and fled from the spot and later stayed overnight in a lodge near Jama Masjid, he said.

“From there, Sofiyan fled to Meerut whereas Bhardwaj came back to the farmhouse in the morning pretending as if nothing had happened. Moreover, Bhardwaj faked a limp while committing the crime, as can be seen in the CCTV footage, to throw the police off track,” he said.

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