This summer, S Delhi will see e-rickshaws selling cool water, lemon juice

This summer, S Delhi will see e-rickshaws selling cool water, lemon juice

New Delhi: South Delhi residents can expect a welcome respite this summer season now that the South Delhi Municipal Corporation has approved some changes with regards to the sale of potable water through water trolleys in a meeting of its Standing Committee on Monday — making way for cool water and fresh lemon water to be sold through e-rickshaw water carts.

The existing policy of water cooling plant and trolleys license is quite old, the proposed policy amendment's draft said. One company has approached SDMC with an innovation to sell drinking water through e-rickshaws, which has a cart fitted with an insulated tank so that it can cover larger areas. Presently water trolleys are allotted a fixed site within a 3.5 km-radius, with the condition that there should not be any objection from another water cooling plant. The technical conditions and guidelines for issuance of health trade licenses for water cooling plants and trolleys (including sale of refrigerated water) are covered under Section 417/420 of DMC Act.

As per the new amendments, the water trolley should be made of stainless steel (outer and inner water tank of food grade steel cart) fitted with a water dispenser or water steel cart can be operated manually. The water will be dispensed by accepting a coin, controller, flow sensor, water motor, battery and electronic push button or food grade manual pump. The registration fee of existing water trolleys will remain the same. However, registration fee for the trolley on E-rickshaw will be Rs 5,000 (one time) per trolley and annual charge will be Rs 2,000.

Plain glass for manual pumps will be used for serving water and biodegradable disposal glasses should be used instead of plastic glasses. Covered dustbins will be provided by the vendor for proper disposal of waste generated at the site, to be disposed properly at the end of business hours. Sale of fresh natural lemon water prepared hygienically will be allowed on sanctioned water trolleys. Mobile water ATMs/water trolleys can be mounted on tri-rickshaw and E-rickshaws registered with Transport Department for sale of water.

The number of water carts had been fixed according to the cooling capacity of the plant size of the large tank, compressor unit and the parking space. Also, the number of carts as per power load will remain the same, that is, three trolleys per H.P. of the water cooling plant. The distance between two trolleys will remain the same and all trolleys will be given a fixed site. Water trolleys sanctioned for specific cooling plants must have sufficient space to park within the plant. Parking of water trolleys on public land will not be allowed after business hours. If water other than DJB supply is used, then a water fitness report of an approved Government Health Lab of North DMC or any DJB Lab shall only be considered as valid.

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