Teen stabbed to death by former girlfriend’s brother & her lover

New Delhi: A teenager was stabbed to death allegedly by his former girlfriend’s brother and her lover in northeast Delhi’s Shastri Park area, police said on Thursday.

The girl’s brother Sahil (20) and her lover Yamin (18) have been arrested for killing the 16-year-old boy who was recently released from observation home, they said.

Police said the girl was in a relationship with the teenager earlier but after he went to an observation home in a case of theft, she developed feelings for Yamin. When the teenager was released, he found out that the girl no longer felt the same way about him which enraged the boy.

He then began to threaten Yamin and the girl. The girl’s brother, Sahil also disapproved of the teenager. According to police, the matter came to light on Wednesday morning when police found the body of the teenager with stab wounds near 2nd Pushta Road in the Khadar area, close to Saharanpur Expressway.

The body had stab wounds on the chest, neck and head. His mobile phone was also found to be missing.

During the inquiry, it emerged that the teenager was last seen by his mother at about 10 pm on Tuesday when he left home after dinner to meet some friends, they added.

It was learnt that the teenager was a child in conflict with the law. He had spent four months in a government observation home in Noida and had been released on March 5, 2023, a senior police officer said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Northeast) Joy Tirkey said during the investigation, it was found that the teenager lived on the 3rd floor of the building in rented accommodation. Local enquiry revealed that he was close to a girl who lived on the ground floor of the same building. It was found that her brother, Sahil had been against the relationship and had frequent attrition with the teenager over this.

It was also learnt that while the teenager was locked up in the observation home for four months, the girl had come close to another boy named Yamin, he said.

Call Details Record analysis showed that Yamin had made a call to the teenager on the night of the incident. Thereafter, the teenager had left his house after telling his mother that he was going out to meet some friends, he added.

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