Tale of a COVID warrior's victory

New Delhi: "Be positive. Surely our COVID reports will come negative, this is what we used to tell each other at the hospital where I was admitted," said 34-year-old Delhi Police constable who recently recovered from COVID-19.

The policeman, who is attached with Chandni Mahal police station, told Millennium Post that on April 17, he tested positive and later he was taken to Saket-based hospital. There were four other people in his room. "We all ensured that there was no depression related to COVID-19 and also created a friendly atmosphere," he said, adding that there was a

time for food, medicine at the hospital.

He further said, "We all used to share our feelings, life events and sometimes crack jokes. The other three people were hospital staff." WhatsApp, video calls played an important role in the constable's quarantine life. During this period, he used to make video calls to his home and talk to his family members in Jaipur. "At home, I only informed my younger brother about COVID-19 positive and told him not to share with anyone. When I was admitted for treatment I was sure that in 10 to 15 days my report will come negative," he said.

Once the 34-year-old constable was discharged, he informed the rest of his family members that he had defeated COVID-19. The constable passed time by watching the news or seeing videos. He also used to chat with his friends and family through Whats App and regularly exercised while ensuring social distancing. "We tried to keep ourselves busy all the time," he said.

He also got support from his senior officers who used to call him regularly and always asked him about his condition. "My seniors also told me that if my family required any kind of support they would help out," he said.

"Life is what we make of it. During this situation, we should not take stress, always remain confident as one day we will win against COVID-19. The first thing when I will join the duty is to create more awareness among people about precautions related to the virus," he said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central) Sanjay Bhatia said, " I want to tell all our police personnel to stay positive and keep your spirits high." According to an official, so far more than 30 policemen were tested COVID-19 positive including nine from Chandni Mahal police station.

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