Students, teachers and experts debate over DU's Open-Book Exam

new delhi: Since the Delhi University said it had no other option but to conduct an Open-Book Exam (OBE), the problems such as students facing Internet issues, accountability of these exams and satisfaction of both teachers and students are being discussed by the concerned parties these days.

In this new system, students can use their books and related study materials while appearing for the exam online. The students will get an hour to download the exam question paper and two hours to take the test. The answer sheets had to be uploaded within the stipulated time too.

After April 13, when it was decided that the University of Delhi would be conducting an OBE, the Deans of various colleges had opposed the move. On May 22, the university formed a working group to carry forward the exam-related activities such as materials and other things.

As per the report, the Dean who was at the meeting on April 13 informed: "DU should have waited for the UGC panel report on them but a committee was formed with mostly representatives from the School of Open Learning. Then on May 13, a circular was issued on online exams, completely disregarding the administrative, technological and other practical problems as also the concern for students."

The university's decision to conduct exams online also invited ire of not only students but parents and experts as well since most students are facing issues like connectivity besides others.

Teachers have also marked their protest earlier and even the Deans of various colleges had opposed the decision after the university announced to conduct exams online. Experts have also raised questions of the accountability of these exams and the satisfaction of both the teachers and the students.

"Owing to the ongoing lockdown, the majority of students have left the place and hence, it is not feasible to conduct exams for all. Once lockdown will be over, the students will come back. The authorities, before moving in this direction, should think over this. Secondly, there is no Internet access for every student. Hence, it will be very difficult for them to appear in the exam accordingly. The whole exercise will also put pressure on students as they are already in trouble since the lockdown has been imposed," said a university student.

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