Stray dog attack: NGO holds awareness campaign in Delhi

New Delhi: A campaign to spread awareness about stray dogs and their behaviour was conducted on Sunday by an animal activist at Vasant Kunj’s Sindhi Basti, where two children were killed allegedly after being attacked

by canines.

Founder of Noida-based NGO House of Stray Animals (HSA) Sanjay Mohapatra who organised the campaign, said around 100 people participated in the two-hour programme and spoke about their fears surrounding stray animals.

He claimed that parents in the area were “scared” after the death of two children and had “stopped allowing” their children to step out of their home alone.

“Children in the area are scared after the death of two siblings here. Parents have been accompanying their children everywhere and not letting them step out alone.

“We conducted a two-hour sensitisation class teaching them about safety rules as well as dog behaviour,” Mohapatra said.

Pointing that the children in Vasant Kunj were killed after they went to defecate in the open, Mohapatra further added that the government “should build more toilets”

in the area.

Earlier, Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi had raised doubts over the death of two siblings in Vasant Kunj allegedly in the stray dog attacks, saying only post mortem will clarify “whether they were murdered or attacked by dogs.”

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