Start-ups share their tales of struggle at IITF

NEW DELHI: Different startups with different stories of struggle, the international trade fair this year themed on startups were covered with various dreams and battles for survival. Under the scheme 'Startup India, Standup India', launched in 2016 by providing a grant of 1.5cr, a total of 43 start-ups have been incubated, ranging from social and marketing entrepreneurs to business enterprises and high-end technology.
"I was always fascinated about aero-modeling and then planned to make a startup to teach children how to do aero-modeling," said Jyoti Bakshi, the founder of Skywalkers Tech education.
Bakshi and her team visit schools and colleges to teach students the aero-modeling. "There are many stereotypical ideas about the subject but in reality it is more than any single idea," she said. The whole process was not easy for her. "Getting fund, permission from schools to fly small aero machines and many always chased me but could not stop my passion," she said.
Where the story of the 'Team Tripclues' was no different when they thought of making a travel support website. "There are many websites and they are much popular. We fought to make our unique algorithm. Now by that, we help the customers to get hotels at the cheapest rate," said Alok.
While another young entrepreneur at the fair said that his team has been working on water-repellent khadi clothes, stain-proof linen and block prints. The finished product is expected to hit the markets by February next year. "Khadi is usually associated with the older generation, so we have decided to give it a modern touch," said Varun Sharma, an MBA graduate at the incubation stall in the fair.
Moreover, there were startups who support farmers during a low-rain period and another is an online platform to enable musicians, artists, photographers to acquire a skill. Another prominent startup was a music and production company.
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