Spl cells for inter-caste and inter-faith couples

: Inter-caste and inter-faith couples facing opposition from their families can now approach Delhi Police’s special cells set up in 15 districts of the national Capital for protection and accommodation, officials said on Wednesday.

The force has created special cells to provide assistance, advice, legal help etc to such couples and receive complaints of harassment and threats, they said. Police took to Twitter to share the update.

“#DelhiPolice is committed to protect the constitutional rights of every individual. In this spirit, Special Cells have been created in every district to provide assistance, advice, legal help, safe houses & more to protect individuals. 24/7 Helpline 181,” it tweeted.

In another tweet, the police mentioned that special cells were created in every district to receive petitions and complaints of harassment and threats to the inter-caste and inter-faith couples.

It said there are safe houses that will accommodate “young bachelor/bachelorette couples whose relationship is opposed by their families/local community/Khaps and young married couples of an inter-caste or inter-religious or any

other marriage being opposed by their families local community/Khaps”.

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