Special Cell arrests two women of interstate arms trafficking syndicate

Special Cell arrests two women of interstate arms trafficking syndicate

New Delhi: The Special Cell of Delhi Police has arrested two female members of an interstate arms trafficking syndicate, officials informed on Tuesday.

The arrested accused persons, identified as Chanchal (32) and Vikansha (23), both residents of Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, were found in possession of 10 pistols of varying caliber, with the firearms believed to be intended for supply to criminals in Delhi-NCR.

HGS Dhaliwal, Special CP, Special Cell, said that under the leadership of Inspector Shiv Kumar, the Special Cell meticulously planned and executed the operation, leading to the capture of Chanchal and Vikansha, along with the recovery of the 10 pistols. These firearms were traced back to a supplier in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh.

The Special Cell had received critical intelligence suggesting that criminal elements in Delhi-NCR were sourcing high-quality firearms from suppliers based in Madhya Pradesh. Acting swiftly on this information, the Special Cell initiated an operation.

On the evening of October 1, Chanchal and Vikansha were intercepted while carrying bags near the MB Road-Surajkund Road intersection in Delhi. They were apprehended by a team of female officers and subsequently searched, resulting in the discovery of the pistols, Dhaliwal confirmed.

Both arrested individuals have revealed that they were tasked with procuring the firearms by a certain Sonu Chaudhary, a resident of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, who had instructed them to obtain the pistols from the Madhya Pradesh-based supplier. Chanchal and Vikansha were promised a payment of Rs 10,000 for successfully delivering the firearms to their contacts in Delhi-NCR, Dhaliwal mentioned.

Further investigations have revealed that the two accused have been involved in the illegal firearms trade between Madhya Pradesh and Delhi and Uttar Pradesh for approximately two years, during which they claim to have supplied over 200 pistols in the region.

Additionally, it has been disclosed that Sonu Chaudhary, the handler of the arrested women, is the maternal uncle of Vikansha and has a history of involvement in criminal activities, including murder and drug-related offences, the officer said.

The Special Cell is currently conducting further interrogation to uncover the entire network of this arms trafficking syndicate, Dhaliwal added.

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