Social entrepreneurship gains ground in Gurugram

Gurugram: Gurugram over the years has economically prospered, not only because 250 of world's richest companies have their headquarters here but also the successful start-ups decided to set up their bases in the city.

With a long period of lockdown due to rapid spread of COVID-19 affecting their profitable business models, most of these companies have used their field expertise in social entrepreneurship.

Not only the new scale technology but human resources, logistics and innovation have led to the new business models coming to help of lakhs of citizens.

The services of various tech companies, both foreign as well as domestic, have been used effectively by the public officials for its food distribution programmes. These companies have also come to the aid of the public officials in designing application systems for the district administration.

All the information related to COVID-19, containment zones, number of hospitals and doctors treating COVID-19 patients, essential services and its delivery as per specific neighbourhoods are all being provided in one single web application.

The role of the companies has come handy in the successful functioning of the integrated command and control centre where transport management, relief, intelligence gathering and communication strategy are being undertaken.

The integrated command and control centre that has been recently inaugurated has resulted in Geographical

Information System (GIS) tracking.

Technology has helped the district administration in monitoring the behaviour of stray animals to prevent attacks on humans due to starvation and tracking mental health challenges. Other important services like mobile ATMs, mobile ambulances and mobile vans collecting the samples of suspected COVID-19 patients have been undertaken by the private companies involved in the business of supply chain management.

It is important to note that Gurugram was one of the first cities in the country where five-star hotels were used for paid quarantine facilities.

Most of the real estate companies had offered their under construction properties as shelter homes for the migrated labourers.

The technological innovations to deal with the challenge of COVID-19 is also evident in the case of the private company which developed a robot for nursing services, the services of which is now being used in the Gurugram government hospital.

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