Slap on antics of BJP, says Cong

New Delhi: The Congress on Thursday hailed as “historic” the Supreme Court’s ruling that the Delhi government has legislative and executive powers over administration of services except for public order, police and land, and said this is a victory for the people of the national capital and a “slap” on the antics of the BJP.

Addressing a press conference here, Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi termed the judgement as “historic and colossal”, saying it exposed the “nexus of unholy, undemocratic, ugly nature and the under belly of the BJP”.

“Today the BJP has lost on many fronts — legally, morally, ethically and politically. In particular for the people of Delhi, the Union Territory will not be run by a nominated the L-G or an LG-controlled bureaucracy but Delhi will be run by representative democracy,” he said.

He termed the judgement as “path-breaking” and said he had the privilege of arguing in the matter as a lawyer.

“Do not underestimate the NCT judgement. First and foremost I want to make it clear that it is not about politics. Today, the AAP is in power, tomorrow the Congress may be in power, the day after the BJP may be in power...The point today’s judgement has made it is that it is a victory for the people of Delhi, a victory for the recognition of autonomy of Delhi,” the Congress leader said.

He said Delhi is not only created as a Union Territory but it is the only entity that is given a constitutional special status under 239 AA.

“I say it is the victory for the people of Delhi because the special demarcated constitutional powers for a special entity like Delhi, the only one that has constitutional status, is being restored largely,” Singhvi said.

“What had happened was that the right hand of the Constitution framers gave to Delhi by drafting 239 AA, the left hand of the LG and the meddling central BJP-led government took away. That has been righted and imbalance corrected,” he said.

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