Sisodia meets 20 teachers to replicate success story

New Delhi: Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday interacted with 20 teachers of Delhi government schools which recorded a 100 per cent pass percentage in the CBSE 12th standard Board examinations in an exercise meant to understand teaching strategies adopted by them so that other schools may follow in their footsteps.

"Whenever future generations will look back to this historic score of 98 percent delivered by the Delhi government schools, your names will definitely come up," the Education Minister told the teachers at the meeting.

Rajni, an English teacher from SKV Dharampura said, "This is the first time I feel recognised and appreciated. I have been a teacher for 30 years but not once has anyone recognised our efforts. In the subjects that students have scored 100, we need to maintain it which is the new target for us."

The teachers who have been teaching seven different subjects in Delhi government schools in 9 of the 11 districts secured 100 per cent pass percentage results in their respective subjects, an official in the education department said.

"Today we have called you to learn from your experiences, the key strategies adopted by you to get good results at boards so that the community of teachers can learn from each other," Sisodia said.

The Education Minister also asked these educators to share their ideas or expectations that they have for a new evaluation process under a new board for Delhi, which the government is planning to launch soon.

"We will get the experience of our high performing teachers recorded in short videos and audio form and share it widely so that other teachers and students can also benefit from it," he added. The videos will be available online for teachers from across the country who wish to take cues from the teaching methods used by the Delhi government school teachers.

The teachers highlighted that mindfulness activities that are part of the EMC classes were found to enhance concentration among students. It also helped in building the teacher-student connection in the classroom, Priyanka, another teacher at SKV school, said.

"Earlier, students used to think that teachers would only focus on smart, outspoken kids. Our interaction with those students who were hesitant or spoke less in class also increased significantly because of the EMC class. And now these students come up to me without hesitation and share their doubts. That is how EMC class has brought a positive change among students and it reflects in the results of other subjects," said Rajkumari, Economics teacher at Narela's SK No.1.

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