Seal and demolish properties used for drug peddling: L-G Saxena to agencies

Seal and demolish properties used for drug peddling: L-G Saxena to agencies

New Delhi: L-G V K Saxena chaired the 5th meeting of the State Level Committee of NCORD (National Narcotics Coordination) and issued strict instructions to make Delhi ‘drug-free’, with active participation of all stakeholder agencies of the state and the Central government.

He noted that drug trafficking is not just a petty criminal act but an ‘international design to weaken the country’, he exhorted the law enforcing agencies to work in a mission mode to fight this menace. The L-G stressed upon strict enforcement on the ground to identify the hotspots of drug and narcotic sales in the Capital and take steps to prevent the drug abuse particularly among youths including school and college students.

He has instructed Delhi Police to work in coordination with the Education Department of GNCTD to keep a strict watch and also carry out raids at kiosks and street vendors surrounding schools and colleges that have increasingly been found supplying drugs to the students in recent years. The L-G asked Delhi Police to identify and submit a list of all existing and new hotspots of drug trafficking in the Capital along with a detailed plan to eliminate these hotspots.

In another major undertaking, the L-G has instructed the Delhi Police along with other concerned agencies to seal and demolish any properties or building used for drug peddling.

Similarly, the Transport Department, GNCTD, has been asked to make necessary provisions for cancelling the permit of vehicles involved in drug trafficking. The L-G called for seamless coordination between multiple agencies including Delhi Police, NCB and Enforcement Directorate in dealing with NDPS cases and said that cases involving huge money trail could be handed over to the ED immediately for further action. The L-G also directed the Delhi Police to strictly enforce the PITNDPS Act to detain notorious / habitual drug offenders and traffickers for a longer period. Under the PITNDPS Act, habitual offenders can be detained for up to one year.

He has also intructed the Social Welfare Department, GNCTD to keep a strict watch in and around the shelter homes that have also emerged as potential centres of drug abuse. The Postal Department has been requested to conduct training of its 85,000 postman and postwoman to detect drugs and contrabands being trafficked through remote post offices in the form of post and parcels and report the same to the concerned agencies. The L-G also stressed upon sharing a database of drug seizures and drug traffickers with other agencies for effective monitoring and enforcement.

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