Rs 3L for admitting Covid-19 patients at private hospital

New Delhi: With Delhi fighting the pandemic, government hospitals have become overburden with the increasing number of cases everyday. Even though many private hospitals have also been roped in to fight Covid, many are allegedly charging a lot of money from patients.

At Rohini's Saroj Super Specialty Hospital, had reportedly fixed Rs 3 lakh as a minimum bill for COVID-19 patients. In an order dated June 4 and undersigned by Executive Director of the hospital Brig M Khjajuria, the patients would be charged a minimum of Rs 3 lakh once he/she gets admitted for treatment of the Coronavirus. "Patient charges would be on daily basis. However, the bill amount would be Rs 3 lakh and/or per day charges whichever is more," said the order.

The order which has gone viral on social media has been criticized by the people. "This is loot in the name of treatment, while Covid patients are treated like criminals," said a user.

The correspondent spoke to the communications team of the hospital which stated that the circular is old. "The circular is not fake, but it was issued earlier and doesn't apply to the current scenario. We are not charging the said amount now," said Ruby Monga, from the Public Relations department.

He emphasized that the order is not applicable in the current scenario and is old, even though the order states June 4, 2020 as the date.

Meanwhile, the hospital said that they have beds available and are taking in Covid patients as well. "You can bring the patient directly to the hospital and they would be admitted. We are charging according to the condition of the patient," said a member of the administration.

According to the order, the treatment package is as follows: Rs 40,000 package per day for (2 or 3 bedded), Rs 50,000 package per day for single room/private category, Rs 75,000 per day for ICU and Rs 1,00,000 package per day for ICU with ventilator. "Patient will be admitted

only after an advance of Rs 4 lacs in 2 bedded/3 bedded category and Rs 5 lakh in single room and Rs 8 lakh in ICU," stated the order.

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