Robbery, arson, and a vendetta: Kingpin of Kana gang arrested

NEW DELHI: The Crime Branch of the Delhi Police has arrested a leader of the Kana Gang involved in multiple cases, of robbery-cum-murder case registered at the Sarita Vihar Police Station.

An anonymous source tipped the Delhi Police’s Crime Branch about the kingpin.

According to the Police, the gang, formed by Akash alias Kana alias Bhaida, arose from personal turmoil stemming from his wife’s infidelity.

Akash’s wife had left him for Ranjan, a member of the Shahrukh Gang, which is linked to the Lawrence Bishnoi Gang.

This betrayal drove Akash to form a gang engaged in robbery and extortion, with the primary goal of seeking revenge on Ranjan.

The incident that led to Akash’s arrest occurred on the night between August 31 and September 1, 2023.

Akash, in an attempt to kill Ranjan, set his house on fire by pouring petrol at the door.

While Ranjan survived, he suffered severe burn injuries. Consequently, a case was registered under sections 307/34 IPC at the Kalindi Kunj Police Station.

During the investigation, it emerged that Akash had a history of criminal

activities, including a robbery-cum-murder case in Sarita Vihar.

After being released on bail in 2023, Akash discovered his wife living with Ranjan, fueling his vengeful rage.

He subsequently orchestrated an arson attack on Ranjan’s house.

The Delhi Police’s Crime Branch, led by Inspector Vijay Pal Dahiya and supervised by ACP Naresh Solanki, formed a team to apprehend Akash.

Through meticulous technical surveillance and informants, they learned Akash was armed and seeking retribution against Ranjan.

The team successfully apprehended him on Jaitpur Kalindi Kunj Road, Delhi, while he was riding a stolen motorcycle, presumably to commit another crime.

Despite resisting arrest, the team overpowered him and recovered a loaded pistol with five cartridges.

The motorcycle was confirmed stolen via e-FIR from Amar Colony Police Station. A case under sections 25/54/59 of the Arms Act and 411 IPC has been registered at the Crime Branch Police Station.

During interrogation, Akash admitted his intent to kill Ranjan due to his wife’s infidelity.

His criminal record includes multiple charges of theft, snatching, robbery, and murder attempts.

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