Public officials deliberately not sealing areas in Ggm

GURUGRAM: A large number of cases are coming from not only containment zones but also areas that have not been sealed by the district administration.

This situation has led to panicked residents levying allegations that the public officials are deliberately not sealing a large number of areas as it would affect the industrial and commercial activities in the city.

Moreover, there are also complaints that the authorities are not taking strict actions in the areas that have been sealed and that the movement of the people in these areas


"It seems that the government does not value lives of people and has given more importance to earning revenue. There are large number of cases that are being reported from the areas like Manesar and Udyog Vihar but they have not been sealed because the public agencies now do not want to stop their sources of earning revenue," said Atul Mathur, a resident of DLF Phase-3 Gurugram.

Due to sudden increase in the number of cases Gurugram had notified 63 containment zones on May 28. The district administration was in the process of adding 40 more zones in the coming days for which it has already begun the surveillance process.

Even as the entire area of Gurugram urban area is in the process of getting converted into a mega-containment zone.

The district Health department has received complaints about non-restricted movement in containment zones, non-identification of houses where patients infected by COVID-19 had isolated themselves and even non-containment of areas where residents had made self-declaration of being positive from COVID-19 after getting tested in private labs.

The containment zones to be declared now will be much smaller in radius. As per the officials, under the new plan, areas within a radius of 1 km from the place a case has been reported will be under containment.

The patient's house will be the epicenter and the containment area will be point of reference for other areas to be sealed.

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