Postponement of INI-CET exams: Some heave sigh of relief, others on edge

Postponement of INI-CET exams: Some heave sigh of relief, others on edge

New delhi: Following the Supreme Court decision on Friday to postpone the INI-CET exam, originally scheduled for June 16, by at least a month, medical aspirants in the city had a mixed reaction.

Candidates who are currently working as Junior Residents in COVID-19 facilities, and have been doing so throughout the second wave, welcome the move because it provides them some respite and sufficient time to prepare for the major exam. However, aspirants who have been studying for the AIIMS conducted exam for a long time were disappointed because it threw their preparations into a lurch.

Dr Lokesh, currently at the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences, Dilshad Garden, said, "it is a good move because after the NEET PG exam got delayed for post August 31, all of us who had been preparing for both these exams joined hospitals and Covid-care facilities because we still had four or five months to go. Then the dates for this exam were announced all of a sudden and no one expected such a short preparation time. To study for such a serious exam, we need to prepare with 100 per cent focus, which we cannot do when we are on shift for eight to twelve hours a day."

Dr Sunaina, who is a Junior Resident at a major Delhi Government COVID-19 facility, was in agreement. "This is a big relief for every aspirant and this way we will also get some time to study". Another point that candidates raised was that they could not keep leaving rejoining hospitals and jobs based on shifting and uncertain exam dates. There needs to be a clear announcement of permanent exam dates with enough time to prepare and make other necessary arrangements, they said.

Dr Sanjeev Choudhary, currently working at the Central Jail (Tihar) Hospital, had been preparing for the INI-CET and NEET PG exam since the past 1.5 years. "I am in a lot of stress because the exams keep getting delayed. I had set a certain time frame for myself, I was in that mindset, I had even got the Admit card printed out and booked my travel to my exam centre. But when I heard the news today I was in shock. All my preparations were in vain.

A similar thing had happened just before the NEET PG exam also. The exam was supposed to be on April 18. On April 16, I was in the library, studying, when I heard the news (that it had been delayed). I was in such a state of shock that I could not get up from my seat for 2 hours. It is very distressing when you've been preparing for an important exam for a long time and they get delayed at the last minute".

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