Post police with health problems at places with least risk of exposure: CP tells senior officers

New Delhi: Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Delhi Police Commissioner has now directed senior officers to ensure that police personnel with long-standing diseases should be given job postings with the least risk of exposure to the Coronavirus.

"Even if anybody gets infected he should not panic. Comorbidity factors need to be taken into account while deploying our men. Persons with long-lasting diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases should be given jobs posing least exposure to Coronavirus," the Commissioner said during a meeting between the top brass of the Delhi Police.

The top cop reviewed the health status of their personnel and directed that restricting the spread of Coronavirus among police personnel is their top priority at the meeting. "We need to brief all our men to isolate and insulate ourselves from sources

of such infection while we are on duty. We need to boost our immunity through various exercises, yoga, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicines," he is learnt to have told senior officers.

According to the Commissioner, whenever a police officer is tested, he should be quarantined until the results come. "Upon getting the test result, further action be taken as per medical advice. We need to take the best care of critical patients. We have tied up with several hospitals for reserved beds for our men and their families. We need to reach out to our men and ensure that we come out collectively successful in this fight against Coronavirus," he said.

Earlier, the Delhi Police had asked its officers to isolate policemen who have family members working in the field of pathology or healthcare. Sources in the know had told Millennium Post that the directions came from the Delhi Police chief during a video conference with senior officers.

"We need to isolate those policemen whose family members are working in pathological labs or are deployed at hospitals, quarantine centres as it entails enhanced risk of spread of the virus," the Delhi Police Commissioner is learnt to have told senior officers. A total of eight Delhi Police personnel have died after they contracted the contagious disease.

In April, the police chief had said that their staff deployed on-ground must be sensitised about refraining themselves from coming in contact with infected persons.

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