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PM inaugurates National Cancer Institute

It is the first paperless 710-bedded hospital in the country, potentially equipped with country’s first public sector proton facility

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the first paper less 710 bedded National Cancer Insitute ( NCI), Jhajjar, Haryana to the country, potentially equipped with country's first public sector proton facility- a new paradigm in the treatment of cancer pateints in the country, moreover, it is also equipped with Aisa first fully automated corelab.

The NCI will be the nodal institution for all activities related to cancer in the country and will have linkages with regional cancer centers and other cancer institutes within the country. It will act as the premier institute for cancer, identify priority areas for research and development, said Preeti Sudan, Health seceratry, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

Addressing the gathering at the inauguration, Dr Randeep Guleria, Director, All India Institute of Medical Science, said that this state of the art hospital, will not only provide the best onco care treatment to the patients but will also train the doctors to become the best oncologist, it this center will also work on advance cancer research. He said that this hospital will dream comes true for all of us and it has built in a remarkable span of three years, which is a great achievement for our country.

"Indoor wards of NCI is fully digital and the staff need not keep the patients' records on paper. The paperless wards is having the facility of wireless mobile medical carts, which ensures all information about the patients is a click away, said Dr GK Rath, Director, NCI.

He elaborates that proton therapy is type of radiation therapy that uses streams of protons (tiny particles with a positive charge) to kill tumor cells. This type of treatment can reduce the amount of radiation damage to healthy tissue near a tumor. It is used to treat cancers of the head and neck and organs such as the brain, eye, lung, spine, and prostate. Proton beam radiation is most advance therapy, making this machine operational it will take another 18 months.

"To avail the treatment through the proton therapy in an only private hospital at Chennai, a patients need to spend around Rs 25 lakh but in NCI patients would avail the treatment at nominal charges in the hospital," said Dr Rath. He further added this proton therapy will cost us around Rs 300 crore and that proton therapy does not have any side effect and this therapy has been found effective in children.

Dr Rath said that this hospital has first public sector robotic core clinical laboratory established with a cost of Rs 15 crores."The robotic core laboratory employs the use of advance robotics and intelligent digital solutions to process samples and deliver test results. Around 60,000 blood samples of over 100 tests can be processed in the lab in a day and the facility ensures delivery of test reports within two hours, saving time," an official said.

The other facilities at NCI include 40 bedded palliative care unit, 2 MRI scanners, 4 PET scanners, 3 Brachy-therapy, 2 CT scanners, 25 OTs and nuclear medicines. The hospital also includes a hospital block, OPD block, administrative block, diagnostic and research blocks.

Built at a cost of Rs 2,035 crore, the NCI has 710 beds in which 200 beds have been dedicated for the treatment of those cancers which are based on research protocols, " Dr Rath said that presently 40 doctors have been appointed in the hospital.

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