Plans on anvil to revive ponds and bunds in Gurugram

Gurugram: In view of the falling ground water reserves that may turn out to be extremely serious, plans are afoot to revive lakes of Gurugram. Taking cognisance of this, the district administration is planning to revive the ponds in the city.
This city used to have ponds and bunds, bot today most of them are encroached and built up areas. Most of the bunds that have now become extinct were set up during the British times. And the bunds that are surviving continue to remain in a neglected state. In over 460 ponds spread across Gurugram district, 208 have dried up, 186 are dirty where water cannot be utilised.
One such example is the ancient Sukhrali village pond. A rare pond situated in the centre of the city has survived being taken over by the real estate sharks unlike the other ponds in the village that have been urbanised. As Gurugram received good monsoons last year after a long time, the 5 acre pond was completely filled up after a long time.
However, the residents of Sukhrali do not feel very happy because of the poor maintenance of the pond and rather want it to be converted into a park or a sports ground for training. Already, a part of the pond's land has been used for building a community centre. While developing ponds and bunds seems to be a major priority for the district administration, it also has to deal with the illegal bore wells that are resulting in diminishing the vital resource.
Around 40 per cent of citizens still depend on the ground water for their water supply. Water scarcity in large parts of the city has resulted in the growth of tanker mafia where water is being sold to the residents at exorbitant rates. Most of the residents complain that they are forced to pay the amount of Rs 1500 to the private water tankers.
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