Pink eye, swelling on patients' toes recent additions to the list of COVID symptoms

New Delhi: Though cough, fever, breathing and other respiratory illnesses are the most common COVID-19 symptoms, pink eye or conjunctivitis, swelling on patients' toes have been added to the list very recently. According to health experts, these symptoms appear mild in nature but are becoming common among positive patients these days. They said people infected with such a disease remain asymptomatic, develop mild or moderate symptoms and some who get critically ill, succumb to the virus.

Dr Ikeda Lal, Ophthalmologist at Delhi Eye Centre at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital said, "One of the rare manifestations of COVID-19 is a pink eye or conjunctivitis. Sometimes, patients may not have a fever, cold cough or any other symptom other than mild conjunctivitis. These patients can also experience loss of smell and loss of taste."

She further added, "Eye care during Coronavirus pandemic is very important. Do not rub your eyes, avoid wearing contact lenses. Those who wear contact lenses have a tendency towards rubbing their eyes, which can allow the virus to get into the eyes. Stay at home and avoid going out as much as possible. Sunglasses or prescription glasses can be worn while going out to protect our eyes."

As far as symptom-like swelling in the toes is concerned, doctors say that for the type of infections, the theory is that of thrombosis that means blood clotting. These clots of blood go into the capillary, the thinnest part of the artery,

and get stuck there, which is when there is a red-coloured vision initially which gradually becomes blue and black and is very painful.

Dr Harshal R Salve, Associate Professor, Centre for Community Medicine, AIIMS, said, "Almost 70 to 80 per cent Covid cases are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic. Hence, healthcare workers should use appropriate protective equipment while dealing with any patient and be vigilant in taking the history of contacts, residence of containment zones from patients. Following guidelines of social-distancing and hand washing are important for them too.

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