People resort to virtual gathering amid lockdown

New Delhi: When Rehan Asad, a heritage enthusiast posted about a scheduled date and time for conversation with Indian writer and literary historian Rakshanda Jalil, many thought how can a gathering be allowed during the lockdown. However, a closer look at the invitation said that it would take place on Instagram, which means that people could participate in the discussion online without being physically present at the venue.

This isn't the only case, many are organising virtual meetings on various online platforms. While the teachers are taking classes online, the use of technology has come handy amid the lockdown.

"It's good that now the virtual classes can help the students. Though I feel that nothing could substitute the physical presence, in a situation like this virtual classes are the only way out," said a teacher.

Even family get-togethers are organised on various apps which permit many to join the conversation through various windows on the screen.

Conference calls did exist for a long time but it's only after the lockdown it is being widely used for office meetings. Not just professional meetings, even religious gatherings are being organised on online platforms like Facebook. A man, whose father expired recently, organised an online condolence meeting and asked his relatives and friends to join in.

"It's good as it keeps people engaged. In this hour of crises, you can interact with people while respecting the law," said Ahmer Khan, a marketing professional.

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