Parents to be penalised if minors found driving, warns Noida Police

NOIDA: The Gautam Buddh Nagar Police Commissionerate has issued a stern warning to parents regarding the operation of two-wheelers and four-wheelers by individuals under 18 years of age.

The police have warned up to Rs 25,000 fine, potential legal action against parents or guardians of underage drivers, 12-month vehicle registration cancellation, and no license until age 25 for the minor for flouting rules.

This move is part of a broader campaign to ensure road safety and adherence to traffic laws, the police said in light of several incidents involving minors in Noida, Greater Noida and other parts of the country.

In an official statement released on Tuesday evening, the Noida Police emphasised that it is both inappropriate and illegal for minors to drive any vehicle.

“No parent should allow their underage children to drive two-wheelers or four-wheelers under any circumstances,” the statement said.

The traffic police of the Gautam Buddh Nagar Commissionerate are committed to ensuring public safety and have urged parents to prevent their underage children from operating motor vehicles.

The police have reiterated that students under 18 years of age are strictly prohibited from driving without a valid license.

“Parents and guardians are being cautioned not to allow their children to use two-wheelers or four-wheelers. The traffic police will be conducting rigorous checks as part of this enforcement campaign. Any violations detected will be met with strict action under Section 199A of the Motor Vehicles Act,” the police said.

The statement outlined the penalties for underage driving, which include potential legal action against parents or guardians under Section 125 of the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, fines up to Rs 25,000, cancellation of the vehicle’s registration for 12 months, and the offending minor being declared ineligible for a driving license until the age of 25.

The Noida Police’s campaign aims to ensure that road safety regulations are upheld and that the risks associated with underage driving are mitigated.

“The public is urged to comply with these regulations to avoid severe penalties,”

it added. with agency inputs

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