Pandemic sows chaos for non-COVID patients

new delhi: At a private hospital equipped to handle Covid patients, chaos and mayhem like situation has persisted. From getting admitted to get a Covid test done, everything has become a task, which has left the common citizen in

a flex.

While there is hardly any availability of bed, suspected patients of Covid are turned away. "The Delhi government orders on testing are very stern and we cannot break it," said an official at Manipal Hospital.

When it comes to testing, the suspected patient has to fill a form and the doctor from the hospital itself needs to give a prescription, otherwise you won't be tested. "If you are asymptomatic, we simply are giving prescriptions and are not testing. Meanwhile, only those with severe symptoms are being tested," said a doctor at RML Hospital.

Patients who are in dire need of surgeries or other medical attention have nowhere to go, leaving them perplexed. Sumaya has been waiting at a private hospital for hours but there is no one to attend to her. "I had to go back home, because I have so much pain in my stomach, I did not know what to do," she said.

While many patients were seen pleading with doctors for bed, the healthcare workers are running here and there to handle all possible cases. At a section which is solely for Covid patients, healthcare workers are struggling with tests. "There is just chaos here and we are trying our level best to manage everything," a senior doctor told the correspondent.

Meanwhile, only serious cases are admitted after which a team of doctors and nurses tend to you. For non-Covid patients the struggle continues due to non availability of beds and most of the services shut. "Please, can't you arrange a bed for me? I am in serious condition," a patient was seen pleading with healthcare workers at Manipal Hospital. However, the doctor said they are out of beds.

Most of the patients who have come from other ailments at various hospitals are turned away leaving them helpless. Videos of such patients have gone viral on social media as well.

"There is no one to help those whose surgeries are being delayed. I have to come for my dialysis twice a week, but now I have been told to come only once. And they might ask me to come once in two weeks," said a patient who is getting dialysis in a private


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