Pandemic no deterrent for DTCP to start sealing drives

Gurugram: The Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) has begun the process of sealing various illegal commercial establishments that have come up in residential colonies here despite the challenges of COVID-19.

Officials said that 14 building structures were sealed last week, adding that the property owners of these structures had obtained the Occupation Certificate for using the building for residential use but had begun using it for commercial purposes. The DTCP has now made a list of 50 more buildings that will be sealed for violating building laws. Setting up commercial establishments has been one of the major problems in the city. Most of the private developers and the property owners try to use the loopholes in the system to take advantage of this situation.

There is a blatant violation of law by most of the guesthouses that have come up near the corporate hubs of Gurugram. Most guesthouses that do not have proper licenses are spread in an area of 150 to 200 square yards-built floors that are more than five stories high. mpost

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