Over 950 CCTV cameras in city busted, Delhi Police shoots letter to ECIL

New Delhi: More than 900 CCTV cameras installed in various parts of Delhi have been found to be non-functional. The Delhi Police in a letter to the officials of Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL) wrote, "On perusal of functional and non-functional status of CCTV cameras provided by user districts of Delhi Police for the month of May 2020, it is observed that out of 3,884 numbers of installed CCTV cameras, 957 are non-functional."

The letter further read, "442 cameras were non-functional due to non-maintenance of ECIL, 179 due to third party damages and 336 due to issues pending on the part of the user district. As per the contract agreements made between Delhi Police and ECIL for different phases, ECIL being the contractual firm is fully responsible to restore all 957 non-functional CCTV cameras which are non-functional due to any reason."

According to the data till May 31, as many as 43 CCTV cameras were found non-functional in three posh areas of South Delhi. In the South-East district about 22 cameras were found non-functional in one of the posh markets in the city. 10 cameras were found non-functional on one of the flyovers, whereas nine were found non-functional in the

West district.

More than 30 cameras were not working in another district. In bordering areas also, CCTVs were not working. As per police, the cameras' dysfunctionality can be attributed to technical faults, damage caused during road-widening, construction of underpass or redevelopment work being carried out.

As per the letter, Clause 14 (post-warranty services and maintenance) — says that "if any component of the system is damaged or not function as a result of any act of nature, theft, traffic, accident, vandalism, the seller shall repair or replace the affected items within 72 hours after they have received feedback from the buyer. The reinstatement of the affected items shall be carried out to the satisfaction of the buyer and in compliance with the required performance


The usage of CCTV cameras along with various AI software has helped law enforcement agencies curb crimes to a great extent. Police monitor the cameras to prevent crime and also to nab lawbreakers. Recently, the Rohini district police, with the help of CCTV footage, saved the life of an IIT'ian who wanted to commit suicide.

During the probe, he (the IIT'ian) was spotted in one of the cameras, boarding the unreserved boggy of a train. The CCTV footage, photographs of the victim were immediately shared with GRP Jaipur and the train was again checked by GRP and Railway Police at Jaipur railway station, where he was identified and deboarded to be brought back

to Delhi.

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