Over 3,800 cybercrime complaints pending with Delhi Police

New Delhi: More than 3,800 cybercrime complaints are currently pending with the Delhi Police and while sources in the know have said that they have registered 467 FIRs after preliminary inquiries, 43 of these have been solved and 68 people were arrested in these cases for crimes like cheating, harassing and other crimes committed online.

Sources here said that till January 1, there were 3,003 pending complaints and in the current year 8,213 complaints were received and 6,357 complaints were disposed of. Later 467 cases were registered. "Complaints were filed in different districts and later they were transferred to district cyber cells for further investigation," one official said.

"In most of the cases related to cybercrime, pendency is because of the time taken by the third party in sending the report to the police. Like if any incident is related to a foreign dating application then the particular platform takes time in sending required details and in some cases, they do not send all details so we write them again, " an official said.

According to an official, first, they conduct a thorough enquiry on the complaint and after that, they register a case and then they write to the third party, like social media platforms, wallet companies, for further details.

According to the official, they received complaints of various nature like online cheating, harassment and abuse through social media platforms. Another official said that in most of the cases, they arrested youths who, during interrogation, told them that they wanted to make a quick buck.

"They have big setups that allow them to purchase a SIM card registered in one state, make the phishing calls from a second state and then withdraw the cheated amount from a third state. Most of these fraudsters are often found living in remote areas of different states," the official said.

Investigators said that these fraudsters can earn more anything between Rs 20,000 to over Rs 1 lakh in a day. "It depends on how many people they dupe in one day," the investigator added.

An investigator had earlier told Millennium Post that members of such gangs were diligently trained to speak different languages, in different dialects and accents, to con unsuspecting people on the phone, from remote areas of north Indian states.

The data further revealed that more than Rs 31 lakh were recovered from the accused after their arrests. Apart from money, mobile phones (over 200), cloned cards, laptops, fake Aadhar cards were recovered.

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