One of the Hindu mob's victims hit 22 times on head and face

One of the victims of the Lokesh Solanki-led Hindu mob - Aamir Khan was hit 22 times in his head and face, 10 of which should have killed him under any circumstances, according to the medical examiner

New Delhi: One of the victims of the group led by Lokesh Solanki that bludgeoned nine Muslims to death and threw them in the Bhagirathi Vihar drain was beaten 22 times in his head and face, received multiple blows to his arms and chest and after death received at least one blow to his chest before being burnt.

According to the investigation conducted by Delhi Police, Hashim Ali and his brother Aamir Khan were killed by this mob of Hindus primarily led by Solanki, Ankit Chaudhary alias Fauji and other members of this group, on the night of February 26 when they were on their way back home on their motorcycle.

According to the post-mortem report of Aamir, the medical expert said that "shock due to ante mortem head injury produced as a result of blunt force impact" was the cause of death and that just 10 of the 22 blows to his head were "independently sufficient to cause death in ordinary course of nature".

As per the medical examination of Aamir's dead body, he had received 25 blows to his head, chest and arms before succumbing to his wounds. Of these 22 were to his head and face. At least nine of the blows to his head and face had resulted in "bone-deep" lacerated wounds, said the medical report, accessed by Millennium Post.

Moreover, the mob had inflicted at least 17 lacerated wounds to his body, most of them being on the head. One of the largest wounds was to the left parietal region of the scalp, measuring 6cm X 0.5cm and going bone-deep. There was a similar wound also to the fronto-parietal region of the scalp around 9 cm above the left eyebrow.

The Delhi Police, in its chargesheet against Solanki and 11 others, said that at least three eyewitnesses had seen the Hindu mob bludgeon Hashim and his brother to death. According to one of the witnesses, listed by the police, "The mob after establishing their (Hashim and his brother) Muslim identity, killed both the persons with stones, cudgels sticks, swords and iron rods and thrown then in the Nala." Another eyewitness said, "The mob also set fire to the motorcycle of that Muslim boy."

As for the burn injuries, the post mortem revealed that Aamir was set on fire after being killed and that "superficial burns present over right side of body from right nipple of chest to right side of waist in an area of 30cm X 17cm". Another post mortem wound to Aamir's body was a yellowish grazed abrasion measuring 7cm X 7cm over the area over the right costal margin which is the lower edge of the chest.

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