On Dussehra, Ramleela committees to burn effigies of those criticising Sanatan Dharma

New Delhi: Some Ramleela committees in Delhi have decided that during Dussehra they will burn effigies symbolising those who have criticised the ‘Sanatan Dharma’ alongside those of Ravana, Kumbhkaran and Meghnad.

The decision comes after Delhi BJP leaders urged them to torch the effigies of such politicians, but committees’ office-bearers said there was no politics involved as they have in the past torched effigies depicting inflation, corruption and drug-addiction.

Some opposition leaders including Tamil Nadu minister Udhyanidhi Stalin recently made statements targeting the ‘Sanatan Dharma’, inviting the BJP ire.

Ravi Jain, the manager of Shri Dharmik Leela Committee, said, ‘it is our tradition to burn effigies of social evils during Dussehra. Ramleela is a part of the Sanatan Dharma, so this year we will burn the effigies of those who oppose it.’

Adarsh Ramleela Committee advisor Satish Garg said burning the effigies of those who are “disparaging and misrepresenting” the Sanatan Dharma is not trying to target an individual.

‘The Sanatan Dharma belongs to people. Speaking against the Sanatan Dharma is like insulting everything that emanates from it including Ramleela and lord Sri Ram himself,’ Garg said.

The decision of the Ramleela Committees came after Delhi BJP leaders urged them to torch the effigies of politicians who are against the Sanatan Dharma.

Delhi BJP media cell head Praveen Shankar Kapoor as appeal was made to the Ramleela Committees after a direction from state president Virendra Sachdeva.

Delhi Dharmik Mahasangh general secretary Ashok Goel Devraha said Ramleelas symbolise the Sanatan Dharma and those who compare it with diseases like dengue need to be opposed.

‘It is not a political issue but political parties should act against their leaders who speak ill about any religion. Ramleela is all about destruction of evils,’ said Ravi Kaptan from the Navshree Dharmik Leela committee.

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