‘Nurturing dreams of our children is greatest form of patriotism’

New Delhi: At the Delhi government’s Dr. B.R Ambedkar Schools of Specialized Excellence (ASoSEs) orientation program Education Minister Atishi interacted with the newly admitted students and their parents.

During the four-hour-long orientation programme, parents were sensitised about their role and contribution to their child’s learning process. The Minister interacted with the parents and students at ASoSE, Sector 17, Rohini of the Humanities stream and said that children are the creators of India’s future and the participation of parents in their education process is a contribution to nation-building. “Nurturing the dreams of our children is the greatest form of patriotism,” she said.

Atishi explained to parents that they should discuss their children’s studies with them on a daily basis and be familiar with their children’s dreams.

“This would boost the children’s confidence and help them open up about their school experiences. We need to understand their dreams and their thoughts to help them achieve their goals in life. The more we engage with our children, the more they will express and share their feelings with us,” she added.

While addressing the Humanities stream, she said that students studying at the ASoSEs or trying to get in one of them, have unique goals and aspirations, different from the traditional trend of pursuing science or math.

“They are continuously challenging the societal notion that humanities are only for those who cannot make it in other streams,” she added.

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