NR Central Hospital conducts 1st plasma therapy

New Delhi: The Northern Railways Central Hospital here on Tuesday performed its first Convalescent Plasma Therapy, where a postgraduate medical student who had recovered from COVID-19 donated plasma, officials here said on Wednesday.

The Northern Railways said that the entire procedure was conducted in accordance with national guidelines on plasma therapy as issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It added that this further showed the Northern Railways' commitment to take every development in the COVID-19 war in stride and contribute as much as possible to the battle against the pandemic.

Meanwhile, General Manager of the Northern and North Central Railways, Rajiv Chaudhry said that plasma stored at the Northern Railways Central Hospital will go a long way in helping critical COVID-19 patients who are railways beneficiaries and will make the railways self-reliant for plasma treatment. Chaudhary also held a review meeting of various departments on Wednesday, asking all officials to focus on improving the health of tracks, and efficient and expeditious resolution to issues of maintenance and movement of wagons and coaches.

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