Notification soon for energy audit of govt buildings, malls, commercial high rises: Min

The Delhi government will soon issue a notification for energy audit of all its buildings as well as malls, plazas and commercial high rises having a sanctioned load of 500 kilowatts and above, according to an official statement.

The energy audit will be carried out by certified auditors from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency within six months of issuing of the notification, it said. The statement, issued by Delhi Power minister Atishi’s office, also said that all specified buildings will be required to undergo an energy audit once every three years and implement the recommendations of the audit report.

“The Department of Power has prioritised energy audit of government buildings and it is working in mission mode,” the minister said. The energy audit will pinpoint areas of excessive power usage in Delhi government buildings and devise strategies to manage and control it, and stabilise the overall demand, she said.

Besides government buildings, all existing and new commercial malls, plazas, hospitals, institutional buildings, multi-storey and high-rise non-residential buildings and industries among others with an approved load of 500 kilowatts or more will also be required to undergo a detailed energy audit according to the regulations of the BEE, the statement said. “A notification regarding this will be issued by the government soon,” it added. Atishi said saving one unit of energy at the user’s end is equivalent to two units generated at the power plant. Identifying the energy wastage areas and implementing effective measures through the audits, the government will live up to its commitment to responsible governance and easing the

strain on resources and mitigating the environmental impact, she added.

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