NOIDA approves new 'pet dog' policy after complaints of dog bites

noida: Owing a pet dog in Noida and not getting it registered will invite a fine worth Rs 5,000 as the Noida Authority has made changes in their pet dog policy.

Officials said that steps to get pet dogs registered are easy while the Authority approved "pet dog" policy after several complaints of dog bites and excreta being found at parks and other places in the city.

As per a senior officer of Noida Authority, a pet owner will be charged Rs 500 annually for getting their dog registered. After registration, every pet dog will be issued a bar-coded identity card and will be geo-tagged and it would be mandatory for dogs to wear it.

"As per new guidelines, everybody will have to get their pet dogs registered and pay a Rs 500 annual registration fee in the month of April every year. Those who do not get their pet dogs registered will face a financial penalty. Penalty will also be imposed on the owners if they unleash their pet dogs in public spaces or the pets are found defecating in the open," an official statement from Noida Authority said.

A pet owner can visit Noida Authority website and follow steps to get their pet dog registered, it added.

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