No respite from long power cuts for residents of Gurugram

Gurugram: There seems to be no respite for the people of Gurugram from lengthy power outages even during the lockdown, when they have no option but to stay indoors.

The task is more uphill in newly built residential sectors where private developers are in charge of power supply.

Even in sectors like 56, 52, 45, 11, DLF Sushant Lok, Jacobpura Vishnu Garden and Rajiv Nagar, residents have complained of power cuts for two to maximum of six hours. Recently, a transformer blasted due to overloading resulting in a power cut that lasted for more than 15 hours in parts of Sushant Lok-1.

"Being a professional, I have to work from home but there is power cut of minimum two hours. I urge the authorities that in this difficult times there should be uninterrupted power supply," said Kajal Singh, a resident of Sector-56.

Unable to get proper licenses due to non-payment of external development charges (EDC) the builders have not been able to provide basic amenities like power to its residents. This has resulted in a large number of residents of Gurugram to depend on the use of diesel generators. It is estimated that there are over 15,000 households that are not receiving power supply all day long and therefore are dependent on the diesel generators for their power needs.

There are over 39,000 households spread in the new sectors of 58-115 that have to be dependent on 261 diesel gensets. The demand for power in these sectors is 826,446 KVA but only 41, 4700 KVA power is being supplied. The power deficit is being filled by gensets.

"The situation of power supply in Gurugram especially in the parts of West Rajiv Nagar is pathetic. Daily electricity cut for three to four hours in the name of maintenance is taking place. During this lockdown, the government should be considerate towards people under this circumstances," said Rajiv Kumar, a resident.

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