No lockdown for burglars as empty homes in Ggm become fresh targets

Gurugram: There has been a major spike in the number of burglaries, where perpetrators rob empty flats, bungalows and farmhouses in Gurugram and steal whatever valuables they find in there.

According to Gurugram Police, 20 such incidents were reported just this month. Law enforcement officials say that the burglars are not interested in taking away things like money or jewellery but are also taking away electronic items, air conditioners, bathroom and kitchen taps and even cutlery.

Owing to the lockdown, a large number of professionals who were staying in Gurugram's flats and houses as tenants have gone to their hometowns and are working from there. In their absence, burglars sense an opportunity and have started targetting these homes.

Recently, a large number of farmhouses, especially those located in the area of Gwal Pahari have reported incidents of thefts. What is helping the cause of the robbers is the fact that owing to the pandemic, a large number of private security guards have left for their hometowns, leaving many of these homes unguarded.

In some of the cases that have come to fore, the burglars have not only targetted houses of businessmen, MNC professionals, guesthouse owners and even the house of an NSG commando. From the house of the NSG commando, the burglars took an air conditioner and television.

"In the month of June, there have been a large number of cases that are being reported of how the burglars are specifically targeting vacant houses in the city. We have made certain arrests and are in the process of solving some cases in the coming days," said a senior official from Gurugram Police.

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