New video shows Tillu Tajpuriya was stabbed even in front of security staff

New video shows Tillu Tajpuriya was   stabbed even in front of security staff

New Delhi: A day after a CCTV footage related to the killing of jailed gangster Sunil aka Tillu Tajpuria went viral from Delhi’s Tihar jail, another CCTV footage surfaced on Friday in which it has been seen that Tillu Tajpuria was stabbed in the presence of seven to eight police personnel.

The fresh CCTV footage shows that the jail staff is bringing out badly injured Tillu Tajpuria from inside the high-security barrack. The staff had kept him on a bed seat. But as they reached the central gallery, it was further seen that the killers are keeping a watch on Tajpuria and again come out by opening their barrack and two of the killers again stabbed Tajpuriya in the presence of policemen.

The video is from the CCTV camera mounted on the wall of the Central Gallery inside Tihar Jail. It shows a time around 6:15 am on May 2. The police personnel can be seen standing near Tillu Tajpuria, lying on the floor, and watching three men stabbing the gangster with weapons, fashioned out of lockup grills.

The security personnel who watched the horrific attack allegedly belong to the Tamil Nadu Special Police force posted at Tihar.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Prisons Department suspended eight staff members of Tihar Jail including three Assistant Superintendents in connection with the fatal stabbing of gangster Tillu Tajpuriya on the premises.

“Prison Department of Delhi has initiated action in the matter of incident that happened in the matter of Tillu Tajpuria (deceased) case in which 8 staff of Prison Department has been suspended in which 3 are Assistant Superintendents,” said Prison officials.

Tillu’s who was attacked on Tuesday by his rivals had over 100 injury marks on his body.Tillu allegedly was the main conspirator behind the killing of his rival gangster Jitender Maan aka Gogi in 2021 inside Delhi’s Rohini court.

In the first CCTV footage of the incident, it was seen that six men came climbing from the upper floor with the help of a bed sheet-type cloth, they ran towards the barrack of Tillu Tajpuria when he was getting inside, later he was dragged, and stabbed several times on his head, neck, shoulder and back, Tillu was also seen covering his face with hands but the attackers overpowered him and stabbed brutally.

However, the killers have been identified as rival gangs namely Deepak aka Teeter, Yogesh aka Tunda, Rajesh, and Riyaz Khan. They had cut open the iron grill installed on the first floor of the ward using an improvised saw.

According to a prison official, the accused were lodged on the first floor of the same ward and they used an iron rod to attack

Tajpuria. The murder of Tillu Tajpuria is said to be revenge for the murder of another gangster Jitender Mann aka Gogi in 2021, where two men dressed as a lawyer killed Gogi in a shootout inside the courtroom. However, both assailants were killed in retaliatory firing by the cops.

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