New sports complex to open for Delhiites in a month

NEW DELHI: The Delhi citizens in a month will get a new sports complex built by the Delhi government along with the Public Works Department at East Vinod Nagar.On Wednesday, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia visited the complex to oversee the last minute work.
The work started here in November 2016 and the Deputy CM directed the officials to finish it within six months. The complex is ready for athletics but the officials are waiting for the monsoon to end so that from the beginning they can start hosting big athletic events.
The new sports complex has international standard facilities and the whole project cost nearly Rs 550 crore.
"We have used synthetic tracks here and this will help the athletes to perform," a source from the government said.
According to the officials, this synthetic track will protect the space from becoming muddy in monsoon. Most of the sports complex in Delhi fails to hold athletic events in monsoon due to the bad condition of the tracks. But this complex will allow the athletes to perform through out the year.
This new sports complex will also help the athletes from the north Indian states to practice for Olympics, Commonwealth Games and other international sport events.
After the inauguration of the complex, the government will reach out to all the sports organisation and sports enthusiasts of the city and ask them to use the space for the development of the sports aspirants. The department is also in touch with the sports organisers to host big events at the venue.
For the athletes, there are spacious gymnasiums, restrooms and also green rooms.
The complex has proper sitting arrangements for the audience too.
The location of this place is well connected through metro and also by bus.
The Deputy CM visited the sports complex with the senior officials of the education and PWD department. The minister enquired about the last minute work and also checked the condition of the track.
Sisodia asked about the advantage of the synthetic tracks and how it works. The officials present with him described the working of the tracks and demonstrated the advantages.
The minister also directed the officials that within one month, the government wants the complex to be open for the public and it should not be delayed further.
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