Nearly 9K migrants sent through trains and 7K via buses on Tuesday, says Gzb DM

Ghaziabad/new delhi: The Ghaziabad district administration from Tuesday has changed their strategy for ferrying migrant workers to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh by train and roadways buses, a day after massive crowd of migrants thronged at Ramleela Ground.

As per a senior administrative officer, registration of migrants and other related activities at Ramleela Ground have been closed down and the workers who were waiting there have been shifted to shelter homes at various locations including Modinagar and Morta.

"We have now categorised the shelter homes on the basis of migrant workers and the place where they want to go. Those who want to reach Bihar were shifted to separate shelter homes while those destined for eastern Uttar Pradesh and other areas are shifted separately. This would help us in managing a smooth system of accommodating these migrants to their home district," Ajay Shankar Pandey, District Magistrate, Ghaziabad told the Millennium Post.

"At our shelter home, we are focused on providing these people food, medication and a completely safe environment and at present we are looking after 4,000-5,000 workers. They are medically screened before boarding a bus or a train while administration teams have also been on the ground to get them registered for transportation easily," the DM added.

The DM further said that nearly 16,000 migrants were successfully sent to their homes on Tuesday. "Continuing our fleet of transporting migrants to their home districts and states, around 9,000 migrant workers through trains and 7,000 via roadways buses were sent to their homes in Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday as well," said the DM.

On Monday over nine thousand migrant workers were sent to their homes from Ghaziabad by trains and roadways buses.

On the other hand, after walking for several days, more than 30 migrants reached Dhansa border, which connects Delhi-Haryana, on Monday. It was found that 27 were residents of Anand Parbat area and four were natives of West Bengal.

At the border, they were stopped by two policemen of Jafarpur Kalan.

"Around 12 children were also among the group of migrants. They had no money, no food, no milk, no water and even their slippers were torn," an official said. Sub Inspector Banwari and

constable Uneer took them to the hospital for medical checkup.

"27 migrants disclosed that they are resident of Anand Parbat and before lockdown, they went to Jhajjar, Haryana and couldn't come back to Delhi," police said. DCP Dwarka Anto Alphonse said these 27 migrants were provided with food, water and milk for children. Later they were taken to their place in Delhi through DTC bus.

Police said that they were advised by the staff to take precautionary measures like take bath and change cloths to keep themselves safe from Coronavirus infection, while entering the residence.

Apart from this, five other migrants were also stopped by the team at Dhansa border picket. Four were hailing from West Bengal and one from Bihar. These five migrants were sent to shelter home at Mitraon.

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