Narela murder case: Police release sketches of suspects

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Police on Wednesday released the sketches of the suspects believed to have shot dead two businessmen in Narela outside a bank. The Delhi Police has urged the common people to identify and help the police in arresting the accused.
"We would urge the people if they could get any clue to identify these men, they can inform us. These are the men who are suspected to be involved in the shootout and robbery," said DCP Rohini Rishiplal Singh.
The photographs of the suspects have been pasted at various strategic points for general public to identify and give a vital clue to the police.
On Monday, wholesale dealer Pankaj Garg, his accountant Harish Bhatia, driver Amit Goel and another accountant Rakesh were shot dead when they were heading to the Bank of India branch on Bawana Road in an Eeco van.
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