N-E Delhi riots: WhatsApp chat contains disclosures of as many as 19 murders

New Delhi: As skeletons start tumbling from the closet that is the "Kattar Hindut Ekta" WhatsApp group, created and used by Hindu mobs to identify and target Muslims during the north-east Delhi riots in February this year, transcripts submitted by the Delhi Police to a local court here with one of the chargesheets disclose the commission of as many as 19 murders, nine of which were perpetrated by what members claim to be a group of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) members.

According to the chat group transcripts accessed by Millennium Post, at several points between February 25 and 26, multiple members of the WhatsApp group had disclosed that at least 19 Muslims had been killed in different areas of North East Delhi such as Maujpur, Bhagirathi Vihar and Brijpuri.

Significantly, in the same chargesheet and other chargesheets filed by the Delhi Police against members of this WhatsApp group, the probe agency has said, "It is to mention that the WhatsApp chat between 'Kattar Hindut Ekta' Group clearly falls in the category of Extra Judicial Confession".

According to the chat records, on February 25, around 8 pm, one user posted, "bhai rss ke logg aagye hai yha supprt... beijpuri (Brijpuri) me or 9 mullo ko maar diya gaya hai (People from the RSS have come here for support in Brijpuri and 9 Muslims have been killed".

The following day, Lokesh Solanki introduces himself to the group at 11:39 pm and around 11:44 pm confesses to the murder of two Muslims that he committed around 9 pm near Bhagirathi Vihar. And minutes later, another user posted in the group, saying, "Bhaio 7 se 8 mulle mare jaa chuke hai abhi bilki mojpur me (Brothers, seven to eight Muslims have been killed now, right at Maujpur)".

Moreover, the transcripts from the group chat show that several speeches by Bharatiya Janata Party leader Kapil Mishra were used to inspire and incite violence against Muslims. One member of the group had posted at 10:46 pm on February 26, "Listen to this video of Kapil Mishra, understand it and make your best efforts to spread it around all over India. This is very correct, 100 per cent in the interest of the nation. I'm sure you can do this much my friends."

The same message was again posted on the group at 12:32 pm on February 27 by a different user preceded by a media file. The first message the previous day was also preceded by a media file.

In addition, there were several instances where members of the group desperately asked each other to add members of right-wing fringe group Bajrang Dal and repeatedly asked for contacts of Bajrang Dal members, asking each other to send them to wherever they were.

At 10:34 pm on February 26, one user said, "Bajrangdal ko... Yar koi contact karoo." At the same time, another user asked group members to send phone numbers of Bajrang Dal members so that they can be contacted. Around half an hour later, the same group members said, "Plz bajrang dal wale ki pehchan ho to bulaao." Around 45 minutes after this message, a different user posted the URL of a Facebook page by the name of Bajrang Dal Loni Uttar Pradesh 201102 Rahul Gola Hindu and said, "Bajrang dal ka". However, another user interjected at this point and said, "Ye bharat ji r.s.s wale h Shakha ke (This is Bharat ji from RSS, Shakha)".

Interestingly, this exchange took place between 11:39 pm and 11:45 pm on February 26 and this is the time when Delhi Police's prime accused in the case, Lokesh Solanki first introduces himself and then confesses to killing two Muslims and throwing their dead bodies in the drain.

Curiously, this exchange had been quoted by Delhi Police in column 16 of the chargesheet proforma dealing with 'brief facts of the case' but it had omitted references to Bajrang Dal and RSS in this part. These references reappear a few hundred pages into the chargesheet where the full transcript of the group chat has been documented.

The transcripts also show that members of the group were prepared with arms and ammunition and had well-established contacts to procure ammunition. At 11:41 pm on February 26 when a member asked, "15 ke Dane h kya (Anyone have bullets for 15?)", another member instantaneously sent a .vcf file of Monty Nagar. A file with this extension stores contact information of a person or business. A minute later another member asks whether anyone has bullets for a .315 and immediately a different member posted the contact information of one Vikas ji as a .vcf file.

Moreover, the group chat also includes several instances of Islamophobic comments, a barrage of messages abusing Muslims such as, "Aaj in Mullo ki Tod deni Hain (Today, we must break these Muslims)" and many more. In fact, there is also one instance where a video was circulated of a man setting fire to a mosque in Bhajanpura. One group member posted on February 27, "Please delete the video where a man can be seen setting fire to the Bhajanpura Mosque from all of your mobile phones. And send this message to all your groups so that this man can be saved."

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