Motor vehicle inspector among 14 held for auto-rickshaw permit scam

New Delhi: The Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) of Delhi government on Thursday arrested 14 persons, including a motor vehicle inspector, for alleged illegal transfer and renewal of auto-rickshaw permits at the Burari Transport Authority, officials said. The permits of some deceased drivers were given to new applicants on the basis of forged applications, they said, adding 10 auto-rickshaw dealers/financiers and three touts were among those arrested by the ACB.

The ACB conducted an investigation into the allegation of corruption in the office of auto-rickshaw unit at the Burari Transport Authority, the officials said.

The ACB conducted the probe after a Delhi High Court order passed in May last year on a writ petition filed by several auto-rickshaw unions who alleged corruption in the transport office.

Joint Commissioner of Police (JCP) Madhur Verma, who is heading the ACB, said that several registration numbers of auto-rickshaws were mentioned in the writ petition citing them as victims/cases wherein illegality had been committed. It was also emphasised that auto-rickshaw financiers and dealers had control over this trade and the victim drivers and owners of auto-rickshaws remained helpless.

The preliminary inquiry established commission of offence, and a case under the provision of section 7 of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 2018, and other relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code was registered, police said.

“During investigation, a large number of original registration files pertaining to the said auto-rickshaws were obtained from the Burari Transport Authority and the previous permit holders and present permit holders were examined. The examination revealed dubious role of authority officials, touts and dealers in transfer and renewal of permits on the basis of forged and fabricated applications,” Verma said.

The family members of victims and deceased permit holders have said that

they have never moved any application for transfer and renewal of the auto-rickshaw permit, he said.

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