Most auto drivers still refuse to go by meter

NEW DELHI: Most of the auto-rickshaw drivers in the Capital overcharge people and refuse to travel by meter, generating a huge issue for the commuters.
Zaheer, a commuter, realised the auto rickshaw menace prevalent in the capital as he had to take his ailing father to the AIIMS for treatment. Autos were seen bluntly refusing to travel by meter and overcharging, some even refusing to go to the hospital just because they think it's not going to fetch them enough money.
"My father had difficulty in walking, so I urgently needed an auto. However, I was shocked to see how easily auto rickshaws refused to go by meter. Some even tried to overcharge and least bothered to see a patient by my side, that too a senior citizen. This menace should be curbed," Zaheer said.
Even at AIIMS, the ordeal was far from over. Auto rickshaws were seen making excuses to travel to their preferred location. Some were also seen without 'On Duty' board. "I had to literally barge into the autos after they refused. It was only when I scared them of police action they did agree to go. This shows how helpless one feels with a patient outside hospitals with no check on the auto walas," Zaheer said.
Some autos also make excuses like 'gas bharwani hai, Khana khana hai" to reject a commuter if he didn't match his desired destination or if the commuter ask to travel by meter. Though several measures have been taken in the past by the authorities to check the auto menace but the ground reality still remains unchanged.
DCP Traffic, Vijay Singh said, "In case of refusal or overcharging by the autos, the complaint could be made on Traffic helpline number 011- 2584-4444 and a message could be dropped at 56767."
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