Mock OBEs Day 1: Students face slew of issues, DUTA calls it 'mockery'

new delhi: As Delhi University started its mock test drill from Saturday, final year students were in for a shock with the website reportedly crashing and many facing difficulties due to technical glitches. The university is set to hold the online open book exams from July 10 and the mock tests are meant to acquaint students with the new examination process.

Several hundred students faced difficulties in registering, seeing incorrect question papers being uploaded, not being able to upload answer sheets and network problems among other things. Social media was trending with #DUAgainstOnlineExams as students wrote of their ordeal online. Students also said that their registration OTP was sent to a student with a different roll number even though they had given their email address. Many students were not able to register and started panicking. "I am getting calls since morning regarding this. Students are panicking as they have not been able to register. Meanwhile, many are not able to access mock papers from their course," said a Delhi University language teacher.

An undergraduate student from Chemistry (H) said that students were not able to upload their mock OBE answer sheets. "The link became inactive after 10:30 am. Also, we got the wrong question paper," said the student.

Meanwhile, students from Jammu and Kashmir were not able to access the website properly, while uploading answer sheets took long hours. Amidst the technical glitch, the website crashed in the middle creating panic among the students. Many complained that their course was not appearing on the website. Meanwhile, the Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) called the mock test a "mockery" of the whole process.

"Students were not clear from the beginning why 15 papers were listed and what they were supposed to be. No explanation could be found in the notices put up by DU and students' queries went unanswered," it said in a statement.

However, the administration refused all allegations, insisting that students had no trouble accessing the mock tests. "There may be some glitches but we are working on them," said Vinay Gupta, Dean of Examinations.

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