Minor impregnated; parents file rape case against classmate

gurugram: In a shocking incident, after finding out that their minor daughter, who is a Class VIII student, was pregnant, her parents have lodged a complaint against her classmate. On Friday, the minor delivered a baby girl.

The condition of the minor and the baby is stable and they are receiving treatment at a government hospital in Gurugram.

According to the law enforcement officials, the minor has concurred with the complaint filed by her parents. She however has not recorded her statement with the police as she is still receiving treatment.

The case has been registered at a Sector-40 police station under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) and the law enforcement officials have begun their investigation.

According to the police, the minor did not inform her parents about being sexually assaulted. In the later months, however, the parents got to know about the situation as their daughter showed symptoms of pregnancy.

Being employed as menial workers the parents also tried to hush off the entire incident.

Though the parents tried aborting the child they could not do so as the doctors advised that taking such a step would prove to be detrimental to the minor's health.

After the minor gave birth to a child on Friday, her parents immediately registered the complaint against her classmate who allegedly raped her during one of the school


According to the police, the parents also did not file the complaint earlier as they wanted to make sure that they provide full care to their girl child and then focus on the legal matters surrounding it.

"On the basis of a complaint that has been filed by the parents of the minor, we have registered the case under the POCSO Act and have begun our investigations. Considering that the minor is still receiving treatment in the hospital we have still not recorded her statement. We will soon be questioning her classmate who has been accused of sexually assaulting her," said an official from Gurugram


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