Minimise transportation of case property, says Police Commissioner

new delhi: From minimising transportation of case property to discouraging visits of police personnel in records rooms to helping the injured with COVID-19 equipment are some of the latest policing guidelines issued by the Delhi Police in light of the Coronavirus crisis.

According to an order issued by Delhi Police Commissioner SN Shrivastava, "Transportation of case property should be minimised after taking due permission from the concerned Court. Other means of production should be explored, like photography and videography of the case property." The top cop further said in the order that whenever case property is deposited by the IO, it shall be ensured that the item has been properly disinfected and only then allowed to keep in the Malkhana.

All summons, notices (except a notice under section 41 A CrPC) and bailable warrants (not NBWs) received from the courts or issued by SHO or IO in a police station, requiring to be served in the area of another police stations, should be dispatched digitally and after the needful is done by the receiving police station and a report received, it should be submitted to the concerned court or delivered to the SHO or IO, as the case may be, according to the order.

The policemen were told that now most of the diaries and reports are dispatched and received digitally, through emails and WhatsApp messages. Therefore visits of police personnel to the Record room should be discouraged and conversation conducted on the intercom. "The record room be kept out of bounds for the general public," the order also reads.

According to the order, PCR van staff becomes an integral part of the police station when it comes to dealing with PCR calls, integrated checking of pickets and handling the gathering. "The PCR van must have all COVID-19 fighting equipment in surplus number so that these could be given to anybody who was found injured or involved in any quarrel or crime and is being taken to the police station or hospital," it reads. At a time only one person should be allowed to interact with IO/SHO. His grievances should be attended immediately so that he does not stay long in police station.

The Delhi Police also told its officers that a visitor or complainant should be received in a tent or marquee outside the police station building by the Public Facilitation Desk Officer (PFO). "If possible, UV Disinfect machine be procured and used invariably for files, papers, documents etc," the document adds.

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